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Comprehensive Therapies

Terapias Alternativas na Pazaa Espaço de Criar - por Miriam Miranda Arteterapeuta Holística Multidimensional, atendimento on-line e presencial

  Integral or Holistic Therapies seekdetect the source of energy field disharmony by treating the mental, emotional and energetic causes that provocam. Following the steps of self-knowledge, awareness of the origin of imbalances and using specific tools and techniques for each situation presented,the numerous techniques used rebalance the Human Being system, so that the whole works in a full and harmonious way.


  Also called Vibrational Therapies, they are indicated for all people who seek personal development, who want to improve their understanding of themselves and life, andque need to change some energetic, emotional or even mental pattern that is interfering with their physical life, changing social patterns, their well-being and their quality of life.

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