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Pazaa Espaço de Criar | Miriam Miranda Arteterapeuta Quântica Multidimensional | Prepare-se para a Ascenção

Miriam Miranda

Visual Artist, Scenographer 💳 DTR - 16.450/2007

Art therapist 💳 AARJ 927/0219

Holistic, Quantum and Multidimensional Therapist


Academic education

Postgraduate Lato Sensu in Art Therapy - Pomar/FAVI(2016 –2018);

Bachelor of Performing Arts – Scenography - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ (2003 - 2006);

Bachelor of Performing Arts – Clothing - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ (2003 to 2007 - incomplete);

Architecture and Urbanism - Fluminense Federal University - UFF (1978 to 1983 - incomplete).


Other Specializations

Arcturian Integrated System Course - Tetha Level - Renan Capeluppi (2022);

Course The True Power of Crystals - Fernanda Figueiredo (2022);

Course The Power of Sacred Geometry - Renan Capeluppi (2022);

Arcturian System of Multidimensional Healing - Master's - Marcia Lopes and Clarindo Melchizedek (2021);

Sacred Geometry Course – Awakens Light Portal – Vanessa Majczak (2021);

5D QUANTUM Therapist Course – Continuous Knowledge of the Being – Cristiane Frutuoso (2021);

Holistic Therapist Course - Continuous Knowledge of the Being - Cristiane Frutuoso (2021);

Quantum Therapist Course - Continuous Knowledge of the Being - Cristiane Frutuoso (2020);

Marketing Course for Psychologists – Bruno Rodrigues (2020);

SoulCollage® Introductory Course - Facilitator Monica Iaromila (2019);

Practical Course of the 12 Steps through Art Therapy – Ateliê do Self – Paulo Antunes (2018);

Harmonic Resonance Course - Hélio Couto (in progress since 2012);

Course How to Sell More and Better - EAD SEBRAE (2010);

Financial Analysis and Planning Course – EAD SEBRAE (2009);

Painting Course I – João Magalhães - Parque Lage School of Visual Arts (2003);

Course From Observation to Expression – Orlando Mollica  - Parque Lage School of Visual Arts (2002);

Course Starting a Small Big Business – EAD SEBRAE (2002);

Management and Business Leadership Course – ACIA/ BRANCH SEBRAE Cabo Frio (1996).

Participation in several webinars on quantum mechanics, NLP and metaphysical techniques, always looking for constant updates.

"Art is a form of expression that speaks to the soul, from the soul to other souls. At Free Art, we talk to ourselves. Inexhaustible subjects"
Miriam Miranda. 

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PAZAA Espaço de Escolha is a workshop specialized in Personal and Professional Development that offers Creative Courses and Workshops,art therapy, Integral Therapies and Consciousness Expansion Techniques with a focus on Personal and Professional Development.


Directed by Miriam Miranda, Visual Artist, Therapist, Consciential Mentor and Emotional Educator, PAZAA is located in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brasil. 






Individual assistance (face-to-face and online)Transpersonal Art Therapy

Quantum Therapy


Arcturian Multidimensional Healing

Group Therapeutic Experiences (online)​

Art therapy 

Quantum Therapy


Professional Development 

Circles of conversation

Consciousness Expansion Techniques

For Business: 


Creative Workshops 

Artistic and Motivational Workshops


For Members (register for free):

Virtual Portal 

Guided Meditation

Quantum Reprogramming

Mindfulness Exercises  - Mindfulness

Pazaa Espaço de Criar | Miriam Miranda Arteterapeuta Quântica Multidimensional | Prepare-se para a Ascenção
Pazaa Espaço de Criar - Terapias Integrais e Arteterapia
AARJ 927/0219
Miriam Miranda Terapeuta Credenciado ABRATH
CRTH-BR 10249
CJAH-BR 10250
Pazaa Espaço de Criar | Miriam Miranda Arteterapeuta Quântica Multidimensional | Prepare-se para a Ascenção
Miriam Miranda Arteterapia

art therapy

What do you know about?

”Art is the purest expression there is for demonstrating the unconscious of each one. It is freedom of expression, it is sensitivity, creativity, it is life.” (JUNG)


 Art Therapy is an Integrative Health Practice that develops self-esteem through the search for oneself. Using artistic techniques in expressive activities based on concepts of Analytical Psychology, it collaborates with personal development in a playful way, making the process of self-discovery a smooth and pleasant path.

  The objective is to stimulate well-being and emotional balance with a deep investigation into the conscience that will provide self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the first step towards understanding ourselves as creative and emotional living beings. By understanding ourselves, we can make choices more easily and change what we don't like, thus achieving a fuller and more harmonious life.


Understand Art Therapy!

In the e-book Contos, Fantasias e Arteterapia, Miriam Miranda explains how this self-knowledge technique can change your life.
The author presents a guide for you to understand how Art Therapy happens in the practice of the art therapy studio.



Making art in free form connects unconscious psychic contents with the conscious, elucidating ancestral, personal and collective memories, which will strengthen and structure the Being in its entirety. In this way, pure art acts as a psychopomp, a messenger that can elevate the Being to transcendence, insofar as it promotes an encounter with the Archetype of the Divine Child. 


The closer the Being is to the Child Archetype, our Essence, the more potentiated is his personal power that makes him balanced, helping him to  transcend pain, moral and psychological disturbances, transforming him into a co-creator of his own life in growing fullness. 

When in a group, Art Therapy creates a sense of belonging and welcomes the individual in a playful way. 

Image by Lavi Perchik


 Vibrational Therapies


  Despite being in greater evidence today here in the West, vibrational therapies are not new. They are millenary holistic practices that, with the support of scientific research, have strengthened and are gaining more and more followers around the world.

  Also known as integral therapies, they are today the fastest growing health treatment alternative in the world. Transpersonal and transcendental therapeutic practices aim at the integral health of the human being by promoting the balance of the various bodies: mental, emotional, energetic and physical, considering their imbalances as responsible for the primary cause of health problems. Thus, in holistic work, the human being is not just a physical body and is treated in an integral way.


 Holism, from the Greek holos (whole), is the idea that the properties of a system, whether human beings or other organisms, cannot be explained just by the sum of its components or parts . The system as a whole determines how its parts behave.

  For philosophers and other scholars, holism or the holistic view, or even systems theory, is a way of seeing the world where human beings and the Universe form a single complete entity and closely associated, whose properties cannot be reduced to the properties of the parts, and whose properties are destroyed when the system is eventually fragmented.


 How Vibrational Therapies

work in health?


 Modern Physics proves that we live in an energetic space where everything vibrates, including us. The human body is surrounded by an energy field that protects it by acting as an envelope of light. When we get sick, this energy field retracts and its light decreases, acquiring dark tones. The mind and emotions are the main factors that determine the disharmony of this energy field, but the environment can also exert influence. This Vital or Vibrational Field is constantly changing and may present temporary or permanent imbalances. When energy imbalances remain for a long time, the body becomes ill. The Vital Field can be considered as the energetic matrix that develops and keeps the physical body healthy. Vibrational therapies act in this field, restoring it, cleaning it, strengthening it and protecting it from harmful energetic influences. This is one of the reasons, too, for frequent preventive treatment with Reiki, quantum healing therapies and one of the many holistic therapies out there. We can control the basic health of our body if we take care of this energetic sphere.


  Vibrational therapies seek to detect the source of disharmony in the energy field by treating the mental, emotional and energetic causes that cause it. Following the steps of self-knowledge, awareness of the origin of imbalances and using specific tools and techniques for each situation presented, they rebalance the Human Being system, so that the whole works in a full and harmonious way.


 Vibrational Therapies are indicated for all people who seek personal development, who want to improve their understanding of themselves and life, and need to change some energetic, emotional or even mental pattern that is interfering with their physical life, altering social standards, their well-being and their quality of life.

  You can also enjoy the emotional well-being that

Art Therapy and Vibrational Therapies promote :)


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