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Self-sabotage, what is it?

“God takes you from one feeling to another. And he teaches you through opposites so that you have two wings to fly. Not one!

Rumi – quoted in the book Alchemical Psychology, Dr. Thom F. Cavalli.

Self-awareness is the key to detecting the source of self-sabotage. The symptoms are in your life, but the roots are deeper.

Self-sabotage is a major impediment to personal and professional achievement. It consists of an unconscious command for what we consciously plan not to work out or not to happen. Explaining better, low vibration information, beliefs or feelings stored in the subconscious mind generate a type of contrary and imperceptible reaction to stop or annul our will, planning or action. Feelings of inferiority, guilt, trauma and several other feelings that are inconsistent with our innate power can be responsible for low financial income, low quality of life and, consequently, physical illnesses.

When we give up fighting, we become prisoners of depressive or anxious emotional states, we isolate ourselves, we become antisocial and experience loneliness and see ourselves with no way out. In the midst of the whirlwind of negative thoughts we wonder where we are going wrong and WHY things don't work out.

In Art Therapy we consider the middle path as the path of individuation, postulated by Carl Gustav Jung, the father of analytical psychology. The art therapist's job is to help the client find their way and experience the process smoothly. Through exercises and ludic dynamics, the client becomes familiar with the psychic contents that emerge from the unconscious with each personal expression, whether through plastic or visual arts, music, creative writing, theater, and various other techniques, materials and artistic languages used to facilitate contact with the information contained in the client's dormant, but active, memory.

But expression is not enough. It is necessary that the client increases the perception of himself, committing himself to the whole process in a visceral way.

As he integrates the opposites, he begins to gain autonomy to make choices that are more coherent with his internal reality. Which opposites? Fear and love, anger and compassion, sadness and joy, insecurity and courage, etc. That is, as you integrate ego and essence, you begin to manage your own life with more firmness and determination, increasing your personal power and lucidity to live with more harmony and emotional health.

While we don't find the balance of opposites, we are at the mercy of our emotions, almost always destabilized, incongruous with our inner truth and we become self-sabotaging due to lack of self-perception.

Art therapy helps to walk, then we can even fly.

Namaste :)

Miriam Miranda

Art therapist 💳 AARJ 927/0219

Multidimensional Quantum Therapist 💳 CRTH-BR 10249 ABRATH

Online and Face-to-Face Service

📍Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil.


"Tudo o que sei é que nada sei ".

Miriam Miranda Artista Visual, Arteterapeuta e Terapeuta Holística Multidimensional
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Miriam Miranda Artista Visual, Arteterapeuta e Terapeuta Holística Multidimensional
Miriam Miranda Artista Visual, Arteterapeuta e Terapeuta Holística Multidimensional